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Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party – Setting the mood

Organizing at a cocktail party at reception is not an easy task. You need to ensure that you set the right atmosphere for everyone belonging to different age groups. The party needs to be a subtle, not too loud, not too boring one to get into the reception mood just right. The timing, the duration and the arrangement for a cocktail party should be just right to make it successful. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while planning a cocktail party. It includes:

  • The Setup a bar has to be set up amidst the reception setup. It needs to have enough bar stools to accommodate people who wish to drink at the bar.
  • The bar menu – there need not be a well laid out menu for the cocktail party bar, but the bar needs to have almost all the regular drinks so as to cater to the guests.
  • Arranging appetizers – there must be some light and tasty appetizers to have along with the drinks. They should not be too heavy as no one prefers to eat too much with drinks.
  • Setting the time – The time for the cocktail party needs to be mentioned in the invites and it has to be made bold and clear for the invitees to be there in time. The traditional bar timings for cocktail parties are from 5.00pm to 8.00pm.
  • Close eye on guests – the guest should be taken care of and attended at all times. It should be taken care that no one drinks too much so that the others might feel uncomfortable about it. However, there are always some exceptions in this case.

All this said and done, hosting a cocktail party is a tedious task. One needs professional help in order to be able to host it and make it a success. That is where we, at Rachonutsav come in. Right from sending out the invites for the cocktail party to attending guests, arranging appetizers and making sure that the whole arrangement works out just fine, our professionals take care of your guests as their own. We ensure that your cocktail party turns out to be a great success and no one has any complaints about it.

One must keep in mind that a cocktail party is a costly affair and funds have to be kept aside for the same accordingly. We Rachnaoutsav will take care of everything else at the party, you can sit back and enjoy.