Cyprus Wedding Venues | Places To Get Married in Cyprus
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Cyprus Wedding Venues

Planning a destination wedding? If you are considering tying the knot in a different country, then Cyprus has great possibilities for you. With its stunning views, beautiful beaches, picturesque locations and all year round good weather, Cyprus is one of the most popular destination wedding locations and tourist destinations in the world. Cyprus is considered to be a paradise on earth that you would definitely want to visit at least once. Then why not take the leap and celebrate the most special day of your life there with your family and friends. Home to the Goddess of love, Aphrodite, Cyprus surely has love in the air, which makes it an ideal destination for true romantics.

This beautiful island country has some of the most gorgeous wedding venues that you can choose from for your big day. From scenic beaches to pretty towns, options are many for wedding locations. All you have to do is choose one venue, where you would want to make your vows. Whether your plan is to have a grand wedding or a relaxed affair with a few of your loved ones, you are sure to find the perfect location in Cyprus.

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Paphos is a beautiful city in Cyprus with a rich history and culture where you can find many historical sites as well as lovely beaches. There is no shortage of exotic locations in Paphos where you can tie the knot with your significant other. You can expect the exotic beauty and love from this city as it is connected to the Goddess Aphrodite.

Protaras is a town, well known for its beaches and pine forests. The natural beauty of this little town attracts tourists from all around the world, and the same charms have put it into the top lists of destination wedding locations in Cyprus. The charming landscape of Protaras combined with its white sands and crystal clear waters, you get the backdrop of dreams for your beach wedding. Beaches like Fig Tree Bay and Konnos Bay are quite perfect for such special events.

Home to a grand castle, Limassol is a city with rich culture and history, mainly known for its festivals and nightlife. With a long beautiful sea-front, this city offers gorgeous locations surrounded by palm trees, where you can tie the knot in a grand event with the blessings of your family and friends. This city has a unique appeal of its own that is likely to attract you in its direction.

And if you want to do something different, then a yacht wedding is on the cards as well. Limassol and other cities have yachts at sea that you can rent out to make your wedding unique. Surrounded with pristine waters and sea breeze under the shining sun, you can tie the knot in a unique fashion and create memories that will last forever.

Now, it is clear that Cyprus is an ideal option for the destination wedding. If you too are interested in a destination wedding in Cyprus, then connect with Rachnoutsav Weddings to turn your wedding day into the most memorable experience both for you and your guests.