Destination Wedding Dubai | Cheap Dubai Wedding Packages
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Destination Wedding Dubai

Destination Wedding in Dubai

In the recent years, Dubai has seen a significant increase in the number of tourists as well as in couples interested in destination wedding. With its renowned attractions, Dubai’s popularity has soared among couples, who seek an ideal venue for their destination wedding. And surely there are reasons for it. Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, which has stretched out to the concept of destination wedding as well. There is no shortage of themes and venues in this Emirate that you can choose for your big day, not to mention the hoard of activities that you can add to your wedding to make it more fun and lively.

The only question is – what are you going to choose?

Luxury Wedding

Dubai has many lavish resorts and five-star hotels that look like a dream come true. You can have your fairytale wedding in one of these resorts or hotels with all the luxury in the world available to you on your fingertips. For those, who have imagined their wedding to be a lavish event, Dubai is the right place. On the other hand, if you are looking for an intimate setting for your destination wedding, then Dubai has several exclusive resorts, where you can have a private setting for your big day. You can get it all arranged in a picturesque setting with beautiful decorations to celebrate your big day with just your loved ones present.

Desert Wedding

Thinking of doing something different for your destination wedding? Well, a desert wedding can add make your big day unique with the backdrop of endless sand and setting sun. Hosting your wedding in the desert (that Dubai has plenty of) will add the ‘wow’ factor to the event. There are several desert resorts in Dubai where you can host an Arabian-themed event or a traditional wedding under the desert sky with breathtaking views in the background.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are the all-time favorites due to their romantic setting and charm. You can add this charm to your big day by hosting your wedding on a beach in Dubai. Imagine tying the knot, surrounded by your loved ones on a picturesque beach with white sand, clear blue water, and palm trees add to the beauty of a romantic setting. Pretty isn’t it?

Cheap Dubai Wedding Packages

All in all, Dubai has everything and a bit more to offer for couples considering destination wedding including the venues, scenic views, luxurious places, and traditional culture. And, don’t forget the food. Dubai is known for its Arabic food, however, the city has a vast variety of cuisines served in restaurants and hotels. And, food is an important part of any wedding. Regardless of thyounue your choose, you can have delicious food arranged for your guests with bespoke buffet or menu designed to please the appetite of your guests with traditional Indian, Arabic or any other international cuisines.

Thus, Dubai should be on your short list for destination wedding locations. If interested, contact Rachnoutsav Weddings to have your dream wedding arranged by professionals.