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Digital And Social Media

Digital And Social Media

Social media has forever changed the world of weddings and the fairy tale stories leading up to them. Earlier, while the special moments of the bride and the groom could only be seen at the altar, and only by those who were specifically invited for the weddings, with social media like Facebook and Instagram, the happy couple can now show off the happiest moments of their life to as many people as they wish.

Advantages of a Social Media and Digital Package for your wedding

Rachnoutsav provides a phenomenal social media and digital package for your wedding. While we understand that it may not be possible to invite every person to your wedding, although you really may want to, one way to let everyone feel like they are a part of your special moment is by posting updates of your wedding on social media.

The various aspects of wedding coverage on social media include the following:

  1. Catch hashtags and updates to get your wedding trending: Do you want people to scroll through Instagram and find your wedding trending? With Raachnoutsav’s popular hashtag plan, your wedding will be in the eyes and minds of everyone even before it happens.
  2. Pre wedding photoshoots: Whether it be the bride and the groom posing in an exquisite location, or whether it is a glimpse of the decorated wedding hall before the wedding, innovative ideas and pictures are certainly going to make you and your wedding popular.
  3. Live coverage: Nowadays, an extremely unique and innovative feature that many social networking apps provide is to be able to go live at an event. However, it is unlikely that you would be able to stand clutching a camera to cover your own wedding, and it also equally unlikely that a member of the family would want to, missing all the wedding fun. Therefore, Rachnoutsav, if the bride and groom so wish provide a dynamic coverage of the wedding with their expert social media handlers and photographers.

Why choose Rachnoutsav?

When it comes to social media, it is important that the updates are tastefully done and do not ruin the sanctity of the marriage. Similarly, there may be some updates that are only meant for the family but some that are meant to be shared on social media. Taking into consideration the tastes and preferences of the bridal party and the expertise of the handlers in Rachnoutsav, a tremendously attractive Digital and Social Media package is provided to the clients.