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F&B – Rachnoutsav

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the food and drinks you serve. The guests may forget everything in a wedding, but they’ll always remember a wedding with great food. Yummy food, yummy desserts, thirst quenching beverages and great service ensure that the wedding of your dreams is also equally enjoyed by the guests. Rachnoutsav knows the importance of food and beverages at a wedding and offers a stunning F&B package for couples.

Wedding F&B Services That We Offer

Type of Service

First, couples can choose between the various types of service that Rachnoutsav F&B packages offer. A variety of serving styles are available for weddings depending on the preferences of the couple, the location and budget. Cultural preferences of the couple can also be considered while deciding on a serving style for a wedding. Generally, customers can pick between the following:

  1. Buffet F&B services: Not only do the guests get to pick what food they like the best amongst the other dishes in the menu, but they can also always go in for unlimited seconds for the food they love. Buffets are unlimited and provide a diverse range of options. As the number of staff required to serve is negligible, it is also more economical. For the socially inclined, another advantage of a buffet service is the minimal wastage of food.
  2. Table Service: If the wedding has a lot of elderly guests or children, a table service may be a preferred choice. In this type of service, servers place the food on the plates of a pre-decided menu. The advantages of this style of service are that the guests do not have to move around to get their food. Further, for those cultures which require to serve a guest at a wedding, this type of service is ideal.

Food and Cuisine

We at Rachnoutsav Wedding Planners know how important it is to personalize the menu of a wedding as it is a reflection of the personality of the couple. Prior to deciding on the menu, we extensively consult with the couple and provide tastings to ensure that the menu is done as per the preferences and sensibilities of the wedding party. A variety of cuisines including but not limited to Chinese, Indian (South & North), Italian, Mexican, Chaat and Food are available to choose from. Similarly, beverages are also decided based on consultation with the wedding party. Depending on the number of courses sought by the wedding party, we offer everything from Hors d’Oeuvres, to dessert and also take orders for Cocktails and wedding cakes.

Rachnoutsav knows the importance of an all-encompassing, affordable and yet delightful F&B package for an event, especially one that is as important as a wedding. We leave no stones unturned in ensuring the best experience for our clients.