Grooming | Groom Package In Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore
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Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. In fact, it is estimated that couples who have their wedding scheduled begin to prepare their appearance almost four to five months in advance for the big day. Various factors of consideration can include apparel consultations, fitness sessions and spa days, make-up, styling and beauty. Undoubtedly, your appearance is the most important aspect of a wedding. Couples spend a lot of time and effort in sourcing stylists and fitness experts to ensure they look stunning, but with our Grooming package, the pressure to find the best Grooming experts for your wedding is taken off your plate and managed wonderfully by our wedding planner experts.

Why Opt For A Grooming Service?

The pressure of organizing a wedding itself is quite strenuous. Attempting to look your best while deciding the guest list, managing work and family can be a daunting task for a couple. In such a scenario, our range of experts and consultants that provide suggestions and ideas for various aspects of grooming taking the pressure off the couple on their big day.

Services Offered

  1. Apparel Consultations: What you wear on your wedding day plays the biggest role in your appearance. Our various experts in the field of clothing and fashion design ensure that the clothes of the couple match with, but do not clash with each other, seamlessly blend in with the décor and also help the couple accessorize their clothing to make sure it looks wonderful. If the wedding dresses for the couple haven’t been picked out, brand consultations, fabric and colour consultations are also provided.
  2. Fitness and Health: A healthy body and a healthy mind definitely show on the face. Whether you want to look more muscular on your wedding day or lose a tiny bit of weight to look svelte, with our fitness and health sessions, the bride and the groom will be at their suave best at the wedding.
  3. Spa Days: Skincare and general health also reflect on the faces of the bride and groom. With our spa days, the bride and the groom don’t have to worry about getting a glow on their face on their big day. Apart from skincare, we Rachnoutsav also provides other exceptional services like threading, waxing, pedicures, manicures.
  4. Hair Experts: The way your hair is cut and styled will make an astounding impact on your appearance. With our hair consultants, you can have your hair cut and styled to suit your preferences, body type and face cut.
  5. Makeup and Styling: Though initially viewed as the bastion of brides alone, makeup and styling are provided now to both the groom and the bride. Our makeup artists are absolute experts in their fields with years of experience and will ensure you look the prettiest or the most handsome in the room today.

For the pictures and for the memories, the way you look at your wedding is something that every bride and groom considers as extremely important. With Rachnoutsav Wedding Planners by your side, you can look the best version of yourself on the happiest day of your life.