How is Destination Wedding Different from Your Usual Traditional Wedding?
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How is Destination Wedding Different from Your Usual Traditional Wedding?

Usual Traditional Wedding

How is Destination Wedding Different from Your Usual Traditional Wedding?

Gone are the times where people book a hall or hotel and conduct the ceremony and other rituals. Many people in the present day are lured towards destination wedding. Many couples find destination wedding fun and interesting.

Why opt for destination wedding?


Several places in India offer awesome places where you can live the wedding of your dream. The wedding would take place in picturesque locations and make it extra special. Rather than sharing your wedding moments with loads of people, half of them whom you don’t know, opt for a destination wedding. You would be able to share and cherish your special moments with your loved ones.

Cost effective

The present trend is to get married in a palace, on the beach, or any scenic locations. Destinations weddings are comparatively economical. You would experience a lavish wedding at a comparatively low price. If you are not much of a follower of rituals and want you’re wedding to be a fun-filled event, this is the best option. Rather than undergoing all the tedious rituals and ceremonies, the wedding would be filled with fun, games, activities, and essential rituals.

Compared to the banquet halls or hotels, which offer limited choices for theme and events, destination wedding offers scope for the unique and lavish wedding along with a beautiful background.

Well organised wedding

Destination weddings are also preferred as they are hassle-free. People are busy and do not have sufficient time to organize the entire wedding and its rituals. Destination wedding planners take the complete responsibility of the wedding, finalize the destination, and organize all the events. You can hire the top wedding planners who would create an unforgettable wedding. Some palaces and resorts also over wedding packages. You can choose any package according to your economic comfort and number of people.

Destination wedding lets you enjoy the wedding completely without having to worry about the wedding chores. The entire work is handled by professionals. The theme, events, location, wedding, would be customized according to your interest and needs.


If you want to have a grand wedding with all the rituals, opt for a home or traditional wedding. You can host all your relatives, friends. If you prefer a fun-filled and closed circle ceremony go for a destination wedding. A destination wedding would be an ebullient event. It would be a welcome change from the usual.

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