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Indian wedding Mandap Decoration – The Evolving Art

Indian wedding mandap decoration – The evolving art - Rachnoutsav Weddings

Indian wedding Mandap Decoration – The Evolving Art

Whatever little occasion we celebrate, we always crave for decorating our events to our heart’s content. It adds color to both our minds and spirits.

In a country like India, people tend to celebrate every occasion like a festival and among all, a wedding is the greatest festival which all people, from varied rungs of the financial ladder, celebrate with equal happiness and responsibility.

People usually take it as the ultimate responsibility to marry their children off to a happy conjugal future. And their entire aspiration is put into it. There is no surprise that Indians are spending the highest income for marriages than any other country.

The Decorative Spree

For every wedding, to show the function is successful, it should fascinate the guests around every corner. The first thing makes people drop their jaws is the Indian wedding mandap decoration. They feel like entering into a new world full of colors, flowers, sprinklers and traditional music with the rushing of people with celebration talking about the wedding. Which makes everyone and the wedding families more proud.

The wedding families, decorate their houses before their marriage day. It is a custom of decorating the front door of the house with the coconut tent. It is the culture all over India and people believe that coconut is the sacred fruit that makes every occasion cherish. There is no wonder that India is full of colors. Whenever there is an occasion, different kinds of Rangolis are made by ladies in a family with all the cheer and joy.

The wedding venue is customized as per the interests of the head of both families and the marrying couple with the help of wedding planners.

There is a prominent role in decorating the wedding hall and mandap which is seen like people are enchanted watching the couple in a new exotic world they never witnessed.

The backdrop of the stage makes the whole thing beautiful. It is made as per the theme suggested by the family members. It creates a very lively environment, to say the least.

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

Usually decorating the venue with the flowers is the classical way to get the grand view and life to the ceremony. There is no wonder that Indians are seduced to flowers rather easily.

If there is no sufficient availability of flowers people want or the budget falls short, they can be added with the fabric drapes which makes the venue complete.

The main spot in the whole venue is the Mandap. Let it be the marriage of any category of people, the mandap is usually constructed like a temporary home where the family performs all their traditional rituals.

Most commonly, Mandap is made with the temporary pillars decorating them with the marigold and jasmine flowers which are both the classical way of designing in India.

Besides these, serial lights with different colors flowing continuously, lanterns and other decorating lights equipment add more color to the wedding.

As marriage is the most important part of our lives. The sky is the only limit for the celebration and designing the very own family function.

There are so many wedding planners around every town and cities who help to create what we wish, especially with beautiful Indian wedding mandap decorations, which nurtures the memories for many generations. That is why people take it as their prestige and responsibility and create their mark in the celebration.

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