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Indian Wedding Planners

The concept of Destination Weddings has gained quite a lot of popularity in India during the past few years. If you too are one of those couples who are in search of a perfect destination for planning out their wedding, you have arrived at exactly the right place. Moreover, you can also take help from Indian wedding planners to finalize the best and the most convenient destination for organizing your wedding. Below mentioned are a few destinations which are considered to be the best for organizing a great wedding as per your taste.

Best destinations for a wedding in India:


One of the most popular and the most romantic places around the whole country, Udaipur, the city of lakes, can make all your dreams come true. If you wish to have a rand traditional Indian wedding, there could not be a better place than Udaipur. It hoses some of the best hotels and wedding destinations which can take your wedding events to a whole new level. All you would need to do is pick from these extravagant venues and all the rest would be taken care of by the Indian wedding planners. You can even choose between some of the fort locations at Udaipur which would make your wedding the most traditional one.


Love beaches? Imagine the cool breeze flowing through your hair with the endless ocean waves in the background while you marry the person of your dreams. Sounds filmy? Well, Indian wedding planners can turn this dream into a reality. Moreover, if you are a party enthusiast couple, what better place than Goa? You can organize endless parties with a number of beach events to highlight your wedding and make the best out of this great destination. Moreover, Goa also provides you with the best of the settings for pre-wedding as well as post-wedding shoots including beaches, churches, forts, and the yacht sailing through the endless sea!


Seen enough of Udaipur and Goa? Wish to go a little off beat? How about the exotic backwaters and the mesmerizing tea gardens of Kerala? If you wish to have a quiet yet beautiful location to get married, Kerala could provide you with a number of such options. Just imagine all your guest staying the boathouses with the events taking place at the beaches with coconut palms in the background the mesmerizing view of the small islands amidst the backwater. Sounds exciting right?


The best way to get married for all mountain lovers. The queen of mountains has everything to offer that a perfect destination requires. Great Weather? Great Backgrounds? Great Venues? Great Food? Easily Approachable? Well yeah! You got it all! Moreover, all your guests would be happy enough to visit this great destination with all their family and indulge in your wedding ceremonies. The beautiful view of the mountain peaks during the day time and the flickering lights of the Dehradun city at its feet makes it one of the best places to get your pictures clicked. Moreover, you can also rely on Indian wedding planners to make your wedding at this hill destination a great success.

Andaman and Nicobar Island:

Do not wish to get married at typical Indian mainland destinations? Fair Enough! Even most of the people out there must have visited those destinations at least once in their lifetime. How about getting married on an island with white sand all around your feet? All you need to do is finalize one of the beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar to get married. Moreover, it would not only be a special experience for the couples but would also allow the guests to have fun in a completely different way.

These are the best destinations in India where one can plan to get married with the help of Indian wedding planners without any hassle. Moreover, getting married in the hometowns where you have been spending the whole of your lives has become way too mainstream for a couple. Why not make some unforgettable memories with your loved one along with providing a chance to your guests to enjoy one of these beautiful destinations?