Rajasthani Theme Decoration | Tips to Decorate your Wedding Venue
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Rajasthani Theme Decoration

Rajasthani Theme Decoration - Rachnoutsav Weddings

Rajasthani Theme Decoration

Decorating your Wedding Venue must have been one of your dreams ever since your childhood. Well, when it’s time to do the same, most of the people neglect it out or leave it up to someone else. Why allow someone else to decorate someone else to set up your wedding venue when that is the only day that might allow you to convert all your dreams into reality. Below mentioned are some easy tips that can help you to bring out the best in your Wedding Venue.

Pick the Theme:

Do you wish our wedding venue to turn out to be modern and sophisticated or just traditional with a touch of Rajasthani theme decoration? The options are endless and so are the ways. Finalize on your theme and choose everything else, ranging from the color scheme to the background music depending on the same.


Lighting plays one of the most important roles in bringing out the essence of the Rajasthani theme decoration. Keep the lighting just enough and subtle to keep everything show up naturally. Do not use an excess of lighting which might just flood into the eyes of the guests and negate out all the hard work that you have put up in getting up all the venue décor. Also, be careful in selecting the type of lighting fixtures. You do not wish the lighting fixtures coming up in anybody’s way or vision.

Centerpieces and other Elements:

The selection of centerpieces and other additional elements can actually bring about a lot of difference in the overall outcome of your wedding venue. Do not keep the size of the centerpieces to be very big or very small. Select the perfect size as well as the style of the elements to compliment your overall decoration.

Utilize the Space Wisely:

One of the very first tasks that need to be figured out before going ahead with the decoration process is mapping out the whole space and figuring out the circulation plan for the people in the wedding as well as for the guests. Keep the circulation space free of any kind of objects and try to decorate the movement areas with as subtle elements and colors as possible.

The Budget:

As always, the budget gets into the way of each and everything. Do not go forward with spending your entire wedding budget on the decoration of your whole venue. Choose the flowers which perfectly compliment your taste as well as the budget. There is no limit on spending that might incur on your venue decorations. However, you need to keep a tab on the same and work out everything well within your defined budget.

A perfectly decorated wedding venue is the dream of each and every couple out there ready to get married. We hope that the above-mentioned points would turn out to be helpful for you and land you up with a perfectly dreaming wedding venue with a Rajasthani theme decoration.

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