South Indian Christian wedding
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South Indian Christian wedding

South Indian Christian wedding - Rachnoutsav Weddings

South Indian Christian wedding

A wedding is an auspicious ceremony where two families unite together. That is where many promises are made through tradition. Christian weddings in India are well celebrated with a slight mixture of Indian culture.

The two unite

In any Indian wedding, the family ties are considered important. They expect to get united with a similar family from a similar background. The Protestants want to marry protestants, Catholic with a Catholic. Though it is an unsaid obvious thing, to have their children among a similar group of people to keep them happy and secure, sometimes families have this as a respectable and prestigious act. Once the proposal is given, a promise of a wedding is made through betel leaves and betel nuts. This is Badalchan, generally to fix a date for the next ceremony.

Engagement is celebrated grandly with a close relative from both the bride and groom’s families. In south India, the actual marriage process starts here, where relatives from far away places come early to help both the families in the South Indian Christian wedding have a wonderful engagement party. The couple exchange rings in front of the parish priest. To show the acceptance of to-be-bride into his family the groom gifts clothes, jewelry or any of her favorite things. This ceremony ultimately turns as a get-to-know event where tastes and the ways of both families are known. In the end, after dinner, everybody already feels close to the new family members.

Before the wedding party

Both the bride and groom have their fun. With western culture influencing, bachelor parties have become common. Usually to a small trip or spending a whole night with their gang is common for the groom. For brides, there is a bridal shower usually done by the bride’s friends and sisters. There is a cake game, where it has a ring in it. Whoever gets the ring gets married next is the theme. A bridal shower can be done simply at home itself or some even wish to book private space, to have more fun among themselves. These two events relax them to get away from the main wedding ceremony responsibilities for a while.

Mehndi Function

This is something every Indian wants in their marriage. This event mainly for people to get mehndi is celebrated grandly among both the families. There are different forms of entertainment, from singing to dancing. There are some groups either depending on their age or interests, where people talk, laugh and get along. Here, everybody seems to be doing something or the other with full of energy and enthusiasm. This is also when the bride and groom are made fun of from cousins, to-be in-law cousins. These ease up the tension among the couple. Many suitable male and female suitors are chased by Indian parents who want their children to get married. Many such funny incidents happen, entertaining themselves and everyone.

Main wedding

The main South Indian Christian wedding is a similar way as in western. The bride and groom usually have glowing skin. In addition to the excitement of a new coming life, their secret is the Haldi applied to them one day before marriage. This is known as Roce or Haldaat, where depending on the family tradition, oil turmeric and sandalwood is applied or coconut paste. Some simply use Haldi. A wedding is a once in a lifetime ceremony and both bride and groom are expected to look their best. On the wedding day, the groom gets ready and waits for his bride to arrive. While the bride receives gifts from the groom’s family and has her dress blessed by the priest. After the bride’s attire is all set, she walks down the aisle like the perfect bride. The couple becomes a couple officially. Then there is an official reception. It can be a dinner or lunch depending on the wedding time. Young women and men encourage the couple to go ahead and have their own time in the end.

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