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The Ultimate Guide to the Destination Wedding

Guide to The Destination Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to the Destination Wedding

Found the destination wedding in Italy of Deepika and Anushka mesmerizing? Or did you prefer the rustic royal wedding of Priyanka? The year 2018 has set some major destination wedding goals. Are you confused about your or your closed one’s wedding theme? Not able to decide between destination or hall weddings? Well, that’s where the wedding planners come into play.

Indian destination wedding planner

Indian marriages usually have multitudinous ceremonies and events. The families or the bride or groom would find it tedious and tiring to arrange all the ceremonies. They would not have many ideas about the theme, decoration, location or the setting. Well, thedestination wedding planner is a professional, who helps in deciding and finalizing the location, designs, plans, organizes, and manages the whole wedding ceremony.

Destination wedding in India

The families are ready to spend a substantial amount of money on this, once in a lifetime event. Exchanging vows in exotic locations is slowly gaining popularity. Couples are nowadays lured to these exotic locations. There are many places in India where the families can organize the wedding. Some magical destination for the wedding includesUdaipur, where marrying inside the palace walls would make you feel no less than a prince or princess, Jaipur, which offers grand location and traditional settings.

If the family desires for quiet and picturesque ceremonies, they can opt for the lovely houseboats on the backwaters surrounded by the palm trees in Kerala.Do you want your guests to be enchanted by the wedding?Want to make the wedding memorable for the bride and groom? Then plan your wedding in Andaman and Nicobar islands, which is a coastal paradise. Many resorts are present where one can organize the wedding.

If you are affluent, you can even book a complete island for the wedding. Goa is one of the most preferred destinations in India for a wedding. Indians, as well as, foreigners choose Goa, for its beaches, churches and beautiful resorts. This location would provide the guests with a feel of tropical ecstasy. Mandu, a small town in Madhya Pradesh can be chosen for a rustic wedding. This place with intrigue monuments and amidst the mountains provide a picture-perfect venue for the wedding. 


India has in numerous places where you have a wedding of your dream. Destination weddings aretrending and seem like a lot of fun. To make your job easy, many destination wedding planners are available in India to help your wedding dream come true.

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