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Tips to Decorate your Wedding Reception Venue

Tips to Decorate your Wedding Reception Venue - Rachnoutsav Weddings

Tips to Decorate your Wedding Reception Venue

Decoration plays one o the most important roles in setting up the whole decoration venue. As soon as the guests enter the event area, the decoration is the first thing that catches the eye of one and all. Moreover, you can go through the endless Indian wedding reception ideas to select the best decoration ideas for your own reception. Below mentioned are some tips that might turn out to be helpful for you while planning for your wedding reception.

Use ceiling Drapes:

However beautiful your venue’s roof might be, using plane white ceiling drapes, flowing mesmerizingly in the air catches the attention of each and every person entering the room and created a whole new welcoming experience. If you wish to give the reception venue an exciting vibe, you may go in for some of the bright colored ceiling drapes such as yellow or orange.

Put up Handmade Signage:

Putting up handmade signage may give a personal vibe to the whole space. Moreover, you can use some chalkboards with quotes that connect to each and every guest of the event on some personal level. It gives your guests a warm welcome alongside saving you a lot of money on the same. You can also lookup for Indian wedding reception ideas to come up with some creative signage ideas.

Use catchy cutlery:

Fed up with those old white plates that have been used for all the reception parties since ages? Why not try out something different and bring a new touch to the dining table? Cup off the black and white world from your dining table and shower it with some vibrant colors which would bring life to the whole reception and new look for the old same dining table.

Create a Photo Wall:

Everyone wishes to share their love story with each one out there. However, it might not be possible for you to explain your love story to each of your guests personally. Why not come up with a photographic wall which can have the photographs of the couple, starting from their first-ever picture to their most recent picture. Not only does this idea seems so adorable but also adds an element of engagement for the guests in the reception hall.

Flowers? Why not!:

Flowers can add life to even a dead place. However, as we all know that flowers are one of the most essential parts of each and every wedding event. You need not go in with the same old style of centerpieces decorated with ornate flowers on your guests’ tables. Try out some creative new ideas to use the flowers, hang them up through the ceiling, creative a decorative pillar, or maybe even create a beautiful backdrop!

If you are also looking around for some creative Indian wedding reception ideas, the above-mentioned tips might be helpful for you in planning up your whole reception decoration and setup. We hope you will follow your heart and do the best setup for your reception.

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