Top 5 Foreign Locations for Destination Weddings- Rachnoutsav Weddings
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Top 5 Foreign Locations for Destination Weddings

Top 5 Foreign Locations for Destination Weddings

Top 5 Foreign Locations for Destination Weddings

When you are planning your wedding, the idea of making it the single most magical experience of your life is the aim you plan to achieve. A destination wedding can help you accomplish that aim with the endless options of amazing locations across the globe. Hundreds of cities and countries all around the world have beautiful wedding venues that you might be interested in. However, you may get confused by these many options. Since choosing the right location for the wedding is your utmost priority, we have carefully selected and created the list of top 5 foreign locations where you can get hitched in style.


The azure beaches of Mauritius have made it the ultimate tourist destination, and the similar attractions work for destination weddings too. Just imagine tying the knot on a white sandy beach with sparkling blue sea in the backdrop. This island paradise is perfect for a beach wedding where you can exchange the vows with your significant other in the presence of your loved ones witnessing the most special day of your life.


Istanbul displays the perfect balance of tradition and modernity with the rich culture showing in every corner of the city mingling with the modern style. The energy of this city is vibrant and it certainly seeps into events like destination weddings, making the moment even more magical. There are historical buildings, beaches, and luxury hotels– all increasing your options for wedding venues.


Dubai is the home to all luxuries and numerous exotic locations that people from all over the world enjoy for holidays as well as for special events like destination weddings. In Dubai, you can explore many options including a beach wedding, Arabian themed desert wedding or wedding in a luxurious hotel that Dubai is well known for. Not only you will get the chance to make your big day special here, but also your guests will get to enjoy a short holiday while attending a family event.


In recent years, Macau has become a preferred destination wedding location for couples from all over the world. Reason? European atmosphere, pristine beaches, historical venues, architectural buildings, amazing cuisine and more. For a destination wedding, Macau is surely one of the top locations where you will get a fairytale experience with numerous photo-shoot opportunities, and picture perfect locations in the backdrop of your destination wedding.


Antalya has hosted many grand weddings recently and has attracted the attention of couples seeking an ideal location for their destination wedding. Magnificent beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, green pine forests, and other hypnotizing locations have made Antalya a favorite for destination weddings.

With this list of top five foreign locations, you only need to make a choice and then hire an expert destination wedding planner, who will make all the preparations, taking care of every single detail including decorations, food, photos, transportation, dresses and more. Now, if you are looking for the top wedding planner in India then visit today. Get a professional team to design your dream wedding in a foreign location of your choice.

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