Wedding Planner in India | Best Wedding Planners in India
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Wedding Planner in India

Everyone is aware of the big fat Indian weddings and the hefty amount of money that goes into organizing it. However, most of the time, a lot of money goes into the planning and organization, however, the outcome is not as desired. Why not give a professional wedding planner India to give it a shot by planning out and organizing each and every part of the wedding? The concept of wedding planners in India is quite a new one, so let just know the most important roles of a wedding planner that you need to know before assigning one.

Roles of a Wedding Planner in India:


Managing your Budget wisely:

Due to the long presence of professional wedding planners in the market, they get to know about each and every aspect of the wedding requirements and they are well equipped to cut down on budgets without any major changes in the plans. Moreover, they are aware of each and every vendor who can provide them with the best of the deals which can, in turn, save you a lot of money.

Taking away all your Stress:

The person taking care of all the arrangements and the guests at a wedding is the most stressed one. Moreover, he/she does not even get a chance to properly participate in and enjoy all the merrymaking. Once you hire a professional wedding planner, you need not worry about even the smallest of the things. All you would be left to worry about is your dress and your photographs that could be cherished for the years to come. It’s a wedding planner’s responsibility to keep a check on everything ranging from the welcoming of the guests, commencement of the events on the right time, serving of the food at the right time, and also getting ready of the bride and the groom with all the accessories which goes in without saying.

Finding the Best Location:

Finalizing on the wedding location could be a tiresome work. However, if you hire a wedding planner, all you need to provide with is your guest list, budget, and all your dreams. It’s a wedding planner’s role to shortlist out the best of the venues which fit in well inside your budget and has a good enough capacity to hold all the guests comfortably. Just make a list of all your wishes, you need it by the ocean? Under the clear skies? Inside the best of the hotels? Just let it out and consider it done!

Finalizing the Food Menu:

Another big challenge which stands up front for a wedding planner in India is the finalization of the food menu for all the events. As we all know being Indians, what role food plays in our lives, the wedding planners bring to you the best of the caterers who can make your taste buds happy and provide you with all the cuisines that you desire for. Some of the weddings require a completely vegetarian menu whereas the others require a mix of both. It’s the responsibility of the wedding planners in India to provide the guests with the best of the food at the desired time, all throughout the day.


Every couple starts planning their wedding decorations way before the actual planning starts. It’s the role of a wedding planner India to keep in mind all the ideas and the concept introduced by the couple and work on their lines to create a mesmerizing setting which can actually turn around the complete mood of the wedding. Moreover, a wedding planner might also introduce you to a number of other ideas that you might like and incorporate them while implementing the same.

These are just a few important roles that a wedding planner plays in any India wedding. It seems impossible to list down all the things which need to be taken care of while planning and organizing a wedding. While hiring a professional wedding planner in India, you can rest assured that all those things would be taken care of with utmost care with your input once in a while to make the wedding great for the couple as well as the guests.